Under the Paris Accord, the US funds the world’s largest polluter – China


Research by Rhodium Group says China emitted 27% of the world’s greenhouse gases in 2019. The US was the second-largest emitter at 11% while India was third with 6.6% of emissions, the think tank said.

China’s emissions more than tripled over the previous three decades, the report from the US-based Rhodium Group added.

They build coal plants monthly.


In 2019, the Institute for Energy Research wrote, “…with soft, voluntary commitments under the Paris accord, China (like India) can cheerlead while requesting “cash for climate action” out of a $100 billion annual kitty.”

That still holds, two enormous polluters can continue polluting and the US can pay for it. China is about to take over as the world’s largest economy, yet we fund their coal plants.

The Paris Climate Accord transfers economic power to China at the expense of the USA.

China is by far the world’s biggest polluter, responsible for 28 percent of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions according to the Union of Concerned Scientists. This is almost twice as much as the United States (15 percent).

China has stated that it intends to increase carbon emissions by building coal-fired power plants over the next decade, not peaking until 2030. At this time China could be, by some estimates, responsible for over half of the world’s carbon dioxide pollution, writes Perry Hooper, a former state representative and a current member of the State Republican Executive Committee.

The Paris Climate Accord requires Western nations like the United States to reduce emissions and actually fund carbon reduction efforts for other countries to the tune of billions of dollars.

Biden or his handlers want this. He rejoined the horrendous agreement on the first day of his administration.

President Trump wisely and rightfully left this agreement because of the unbelievable terms that punished the U.S. while giving China free reign.


Our elite universities, Harvard and Yale professors, have teamed up to say the US is responsible for global warming and must therefore let everyone in the world migrate here.

Harvard Medical School recently issued this statement: Since the “United States is one of the world’s greatest emitters of greenhouse gases” and a contributor to the “political instability in the region,” the United States must bear responsibility in “ensuring that those who are forced to migrate can do so with security and dignity.”

The far-left has control of universities, K-12 schools, government, media, and entertainment. The far-left hates the United States. Their goal is to tear it all down and build their tyrannical state. Destroying our energy sector and our wealth is a step in the process.


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