World Governments Summit Reimagines the State with GovTech



Thread: How GovTech is being used as a carrot for developing nations, a solution for “safer” societies, and a “practical” solution for citizens. Tony Blair speaks at the World Government Summit, using Albania as a case study. They also talk about how it’s easier to do in destroyed nations.

Can social credits be far behind.


The globalists want to digitize the entire society and you. They are reimagining the State itself. They say the systems corrupt the people, so the solution is to connect you to your government through digital ID and iPhones non-stop. They say they are unleashing us as they digitally leash us.

They will build back better, as has the elderly man with a poor memory who sits in the Oval Office.

They say it’s easier to build back better in destroyed countries. Is that why they are destroying the US and Europe?

And all will be peace and safety when globalists control it all – no crime, just prosperity.

Digitized humans THE CLIPS

At the World Government Summit, Tony Blair’s conversation “Transforming Nations: Is Tech Our Solution?” with Albanian PM Edi Rama was about how our governments– and our entire society- will digitize public services. “This technology revolution allows globalists like Tony Blair […] to reimagine the state itself.”

“It’s not the people that corrupt the systems; it’s the systems that corrupt the people. So you need to build systems that can keep the people on a leash, in terms of respecting procedures…”

“You can literally go through every single aspect of government and see how change can come about […] in healthcare, in education, in payments made to people…” Tony Blair said, praising Albania’s use of technology, which set it on the EU path. [As if the EU is a good thing.]

Central to this transformation are digital IDs and the cloud, as stressed by Tony Blair. “It is about having a cloud infrastructure, so your data are held in the cloud and then the digital identity so that each citizen can interact with their government through their smartphone.”

They Will Build Back Better as the Elderly Man with a Poor Memory Has

Edi Rama explains how countries without longstanding/entrenched bureaucracies like his, which were gutted by communism, are at an advantage when it comes to implementing this new digitized system of governance. It is easier to “build back better” in destroyed countries (e.g., Ukraine).

The hard sell: Less developed nations will gain economically from this tech. Not only that, it also solves criminality and corruption. In summary, thanks to GovTech, i.e., the digitization of all services and adoption of digital IDs de facto, nations will be prosperous and safe.

We, too, can be the UAE.

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