Navy told sailors they talk to their children at age 12 about gender identity, sex, STD’s, etc. without notifying them.


Robby Starbuck posted a video of a navy official talking to sailors about the Navy’s handling of counseling children as young as 12. They discuss pregnancy, having sex, STDs, and gender identity with the children. The kicker is they don’t have to tell the parent.

“This week in Bahrain, the Navy told sailors that they talk to their children at age 12 about gender identity, sex, STDs, pregnancy, etc., without notifying parents,” Starbuck tweeted. “When asked if “the Navy’s policy circumvents a parent’s right to know?” the @USNavy official answered “Yes.” Insane.”

This is where your government wants to take you. They want control of your children. This shouldn’t be partisan. Unless the parents are abusive, only they have a say over their children.

NAVY OFFICIAL: “This generation is definitely more open with experiencing and experimenting,, and so I ask those tough questions. Do you identify as a male, female, nonbinary? If you had a crush on someone, is it a male or a female? Do you have a significant other? And yes, I’m asking them if they are having sex at 12 years old.”

She said parents are not allowed to view their own child’s records online from 12 years of age on. Parents can come in and ask for them. [If they know the child is going to the counselor.]

SAILOR: “When did this policy of preventing parents from being able to access their minor children’s medical records start?”

NAVY OFFICIAL: “Sure … so the question was when did it start on not allowing parents to see minor children’s medical records? I’m not sure. I’ve been a practical provider for six years and that’s as far as I’ve known that it’s been the case that you’re not allowed to see once you’re child is 12 years old. You can come into clinic, and you can request those records. But you can’t get it online, so it’s just only online.

SAILOR: “So the only issue I have with that is they are minor children, they’re not of consenting age, correct? …I have a 17-year-old and a nearly 12-year-old … and I’ve never been notified of this policy until I just heard about it the other day, and personally, I think it’s absolutely abhorrent that medical professionals will keep that kind of information from parents especially if there’s like, you know, some kind of pregnancy or especially some kind of STD, or anything like that. And especially when it comes to gender.

“There’s so many things that are poisoning our kid’s minds on social media when it comes to this gender ideology and then medical professionals are now no longer required to disclose that kind of information to parents.

“I think it’s absolutely important, disgusting as a parent if someone kept that kind of information from me. … I’m shaking right now because I’m furious that you would sit there and think that it’s OK to hide that kind of information from a parent…

“II ever find out that my child is going through this issue and I wasn’t notified, I would go after every single person’s medical license that had anything to do with my child because I will do anything to keep my children safe. So I think it’s absolutely disgusting.”

NAVY OFFICIAL: “Thank you for your opinion,” the navy official said.  “Just like you are an advocate for your child, I am an advocate for your child. And so, when they come in, and they disclose that information, sometimes I’m the first person that they have told. .. I’m the first person that they’ve given that information to and so then we have a discussion.

“I have that rapport with them. If they’re open enough to tell me that information and we talk about, ‘Hey, I really think you should talk to your parents. I really think they would be able to help you,’ and, but, then, there are parents that don’t want to hear it, they’re very close-minded. They don’t want to hear and that’s why they keep those secrets. That’s why we had teenage suicides.’”

SAILOR: “So you’re saying that the minor child, someone who can’t consent to anything, who’s not a legal adult, you’re saying that minor child, they have, and the medical quote unquote medical professional has more rights than the parent over that child? That’s what’s best? That’s the navy’s policy?”

The nurse tried to filibuster, but he pressed until she answered.



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