Media Boasts of Their Role in Finding the Ukraine War Leaker & Working with Intel


Journalists in the mainstream are very proud of themselves for helping the FBI find the Ukraine war plans leaker, Jack Teixeira. Glenn Greenwald wonders why they don’t just go work for the FBI if they want to track down lawbreakers.

“Contributing writer at The Atlantic @AmyZegart declares the real “heroes” of the week were all the amazing journalists who participated in a “dragnet” to identify the leaker, at which time the FBI “moved into action” and nabbed him. A true landmark feat of journalistic heroism,” reporter Michael Tracey tweeted.

The nabbing was hardly dramatic. Mr. Teixeira was sitting on his deck waiting for them as he said goodbye to his group members.

Meanwhile, the leaked documents expose Gen. Austin as a perjurer, Ukraine losing the war, and a possible direct hot war between the US and Russia.  Zelensky is talking about bombing well within Russia. No reporters are talking about that except a few independent reporters.

Reporters have misunderstood their mission. They are supposed to serve as watchdogs against an out-of-control government, not help them. They have special protections so they can be safe from an abusive government as they expose their wrongdoing.

These journalists are eager for the government to keep more secrets.

The leaker is a 21-year-old sharing and blogging with over 100 young men, mostly teenagers, on a public platform. But the DOJ needed help from reporters to find him? Yet they can find every person who entered the Capitol on J6.


Zegart makes it sound like journalists have the same mission as the government. They’re inseparable. She wants the intel agencies to work more with these so-called “leaders” in journalism.

Next time some media trolls become upset at being called “state-affiliated media” or “government-funded media,” think about this new role they’ve assumed.

“Amy’s bio says she “specializes in US intelligence, emerging technologies and national security, grand strategy, and global political risk management.” She also served on Bill Clinton’s National Security Council staff and was an adviser to the Bush 2000 presidential campaign,” Tracey says.

There seems to be a revolving door between intel agencies and the media. We know from the Twitter Files that the same thing is going on between social media and intel.

Americans should know everything that was leaked. We should have a say if the Bidenistas are starting a hot war with Russia. What they are doing is illegal.

Then there’s this:

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