NAZIs in Scenic Montauk, Long Island


Montauk is The End of Long Island, and it’s a beautiful, peaceful place where you go to fish, eat, and swim. I watched it go from a simple fishing village to a place where people could go on vacation even if they didn’t fish. Now we have racists bringing evil into the seaside village.

Do I have to tell people this is evil?


There doesn’t seem to be a dangerous movement in Montauk – yet – but this has to be stopped before there is one. People who do this sort of thing have to know it’s wrong, and they have to be shamed.

Hundreds of these Hamas sympathizers protested outside executive offices in Nassau, Long Island in mid-October, immediately after the horrific genocidal attack on innocent families.

One of the protesters in Nassau said, “At this time, hospitals in Gaza have no electricity, no light, no aid.” Dr. Isma Chaudhry, a Long Island doctor and interfaith advocate who spoke at the rally, made this comment to The Post.

“Human rights and dignity need to be respected.”

The reason the electricity is off is because that’s the way to flush out Hamas NAZIs, who are protected in tunnels underground.

“We don’t hate Israelis,” Ayman Helo, a 52-year-old Sea Cliff resident who was born in the West Bank, told The Post. “We don’t hate Jews. I’ve lived in Tel Aviv; I speak Hebrew. I have friends in Israel.”

If you support NAZIs, you hate Jews. Don’t lie to yourself.

Democrats brought in a lot of people through illegal immigration and so-called refugees who don’t belong here. They joined up with Antifa and Black Lives Matter for the vile pro-Hamas protests in US cities, broadening their power and reach. I keep hearing they have free speech. Sorry, but subversives trying to take down the country shouldn’t get free speech. That’s worse than screaming, “Fire!” in a crowded theater [And, yes, I know it isn’t in the Constitution].

Antifa and Black Lives Matter are subversives enthusiastically boasting that they are anarchists and communists. Now we can add NAZIs to the mix. It’s not a giant leap from one ideology to the other.

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