NBA photographer fired after 30+ years for a meme about Kamala Harris


The NBA listened to one angry former WNBA player who was appalled at a meme retweeted by an NBA freelance photographer since it disparaged Kamala Harris [that’s pronounced comma-la].

Former WNBA star and cancel culturist Sheryl Swoopes saw a post by Bill Baptist, shared it on her own timeline, and called for the NBA to fire the photographer.

She wrote, “So this guy works for the NBA but covers the Houston Rockets. Has been around for a while. Even worked for the Houston Comets. It’s amazing how people will smile in your face but eventually their true colors will show. @NBA and Houston Rockets he needs to GO!!! So disrespectful. Bill Baptiste (sic) shame on you!!!”

The retweet by Bill Baptist, which he said he “deeply regrets,” referenced Harris’ past. That is, she slept with then-married Mayor Willie Brown for two years as he basically got her the political positions through influence. He also helped her become Cali’s AG. The meme and Swoopes comment:


The NBA listened to cancel culturist Swoopes. Baptist was “removed from the NBA bubble in Orlando” following the post, and the NBA issued a statement to KPRC-TV, confirming, “The photographer is an independent contractor and his services are no longer being used in Orlando.”

Baptist issued a statement to the outlet, apologizing for his post and calling it “a horrible mistake.”

“I deeply regret posting on my Facebook page a phrase that I saw and copied from others as a sample of some people’s reactions to Biden’s selection of Senator Harris as his choice for VP,” he wrote. “The phrase I posted does not reflect my personal views at all. I should not have been so insensitive to post the statements by others. I sincerely apologize to all of those who have rightfully been offended and I have taken the post down from my FB page. It was a horrible mistake on my part.”

It was one mistake one time and it cost him his job in the world of the Democrats and their new version of democracy.


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