Swalwell wants a commission to pursue Trump after he leaves office


Rep. Eric Swalwell — saddened that the Russia and impeachment hoaxes didn’t work — wants Democrats to pursue Donald Trump, possibly to his grave.

He has a plan to do exactly that with a “Presidential Crimes Commission.” He’s our Lavrentiy Beria. We actually have a commission like that already run by John Durham, but he either didn’t know or wants another one just for Donald Trump, a Trump Presidential Crimes Commission. If Democrats can do this after two hoaxes, we truly are the Banana Republic. After all the money spent on Robert Mueller and his crew for a hoax, he wants to spend a lot more and find a way to get the President.

In a tweet, Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., pointed to Trump’s threat to reject any funding to the U.S. Postal Service due to the Democrats push for mail-in voting.

“I don’t say this lightly: when we escape this Trump hell, America needs a Presidential Crimes Commission,” Swalwell said. “It should be made up of independent prosecutors who look at those who enabled a corrupt president. Example 1: Sabotaging the mail to win an election. #SaveThePostOffice.”

There is no threat to the post office. The President said he will provide the money for the post office. However, he is using it as a bargaining chip. He wants the Democrats to stop demanding a trillion dollars to bail out irresponsible blue cities and states.


The hatred people like Swalwell have for President Trump and the contempt for traditional Americans who voted for him is boundless. They can’t accept anyone but Democrats in power.

Swalwell is small person in every way.

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