NBC Click-Bait Reporter Blames Libs of TikTok for ClubQ Murders


Click-bait reporter Ben Goggin wrote a piece for NBC News blaming prominent Twitter influencers – who don’t want to see children sexualized – for the murders committed by a non-binary LGBTQIA+ person in a Colorado Springs bar. The drive-by reporter is accusing innocent people, who justifiably exercise their free speech rights, of killing other innocent people in a gay bar.

The media should be praising the courageous veteran who took down the well-armed killer. Instead, we have liars politicizing it.

Goggin’s article began:

Some right-wing media figures and influencers have doubled down on the use of inflammatory rhetoric against the LGBTQ community in the wake of Saturday night’s shooting at a Colorado gay club that killed five.

The rhetoric mirrors what LGBTQ advocates have warned about for months, most notably false claims that children are being sexualized or “groomed” by LGBTQ people and events.

His biased language – “inflammatory…against the LGBTQ community…warned…false” – should not appear in NBC’s tech section.

The inflammatory reporter targeted several common sense people who don’t want to see young children groomed for the LGBT lifestyle. Among them was Libs of TikTok.

Goggin wrote:

Libs of TikTok, a prominent conservative social media brand created by Chaya Raichik that has 1.5 million followers on Twitter and focuses on the LGBTQ community, proceeded with its usual practices on the platform Sunday and Monday, republishing videos and posts from LGBTQ creators with smaller followings and opening them up to harassment and criticism. In one post Sunday, the account focused on Colorado specifically, highlighting a nonprofit that hosts events for kids interested in drag.

Libs of TikTok simply reposts what the LGBT community puts up, often with no comment. The extremists in the LGBT community are the ones making themselves targets. LGBs should really separate themselves from these lunatics.

For Goggin to say “kids interested in drag” is deceitful and manipulative. Children aren’t “interested in drag” — they’re lured into it by groomers. There are far healthier activities for children – like sports or school plays.

To put Goggin’s case more clearly, he is saying that if you expose people grooming young children, luring them into drag, you’re a murderer.

In the article, Goggin also maligned Matt Walsh for his views on grooming children using drag shows as bait. Goggin attacked the spokesperson of GaysAgainstGroomers for condemning the sexualization of children. He condemned Marjorie Taylor Greene for mentioning the mutilation of children. Naturally, he also went after Tucker Carlson.

This is what Goggin objected to (posting about groomers):


Goggin contacted Libs of TikTok two hours before posting the story. He clearly blamed her for the horrific actions of a non-binary maniac who murdered innocent people in a gay bar. The click-bait reporter accused her of opening up LGBTs as targets.

As if his deceptive article pandering to the most extreme LGBTQIAs wasn’t enough, Goggin followed up with yet another lie, claiming he gave Libs of TikTok 15 hours, not 2, to respond.

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