NBC/MSNBC doctor wants everyone ordered to wear masks in public


Dr. Vin Gupta called for mandatory face coverings in public at all times during the coronavirus pandemic. Not everyone agrees. Check out Dr. Gunney below.

The NBC News and MSNBC leftist contributor and affiliate assistant professor with the University of Washington made his case on Monday.

He compared breathing in the air of someone not wearing a mask to breathing in secondhand smoke. He demanded that the government step in to enforce a mask policy.

“We should make masks mandatory in public. Just like we ban indoor smoking because, you know what? You shouldn’t have to breathe somebody else’s secondhand smoke. I shouldn’t have to breathe exhaled COVID-19 in somebody’s breath. Nobody should,” Gupta said on MSNBC.

“So, we should institute mandatory masks in public when you can’t guarantee social distancing. That means retail stores. That means public transportation, workplaces. That’s absolutely where we should be headed. It makes no sense why we are not already there.”

This is what Democrats — control freaks — want for you. They want to change our society completely.

There is no need for face masks all the time. At what point do Americans have rights? The left doesn’t want us to hug or shake hands. In essence, they are demanding we completely change our culture.

He can GTH and STHU!



A chiropractor, Dr. Gunney, aka Stephen Vincent, said he refuses to wear a mask in his practice.

In a Facebook Live video on Wednesday, he explained that, according to scientific journal studies, the coronavirus itself measures about 120 nanometers. The N95 mask, according to the manufacturer, will filter down to 300 nanometers, he said, noting that anything smaller is going to get through the mask.

The worst thing you can do for the body’s immune system is to keep yourself away from all the “bugs,” as this will kill off our own natural immunity, he explained.

The mask has never shown to protect from the mask.

He also declared that if any business has a policy requiring customers to wear a mask, he’s not going in there.

The masks also create a perfect environment for pathogens, he says.

This is very interesting:

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