NBC News’ host admits they can’t touch Amy Comey Barrett


Andrea Mitchell of NBC/MSNBC News, said the Democrats are having a tough time as the hearings begin to consider the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett. Judge Barrett is a young mother of seven with good academic credentials, Mitchell noted.

Perhaps that is why the Democrats today didn’t deal with Judge Barrett and simply attacked what they think she might do with Obamacare, abortion, and all our rights. They are off-base. There is no reason to believe she would legislate from the bench. She is an originalist. They are also spending their time attacking Republicans.

Obviously, NBC knows that there is nothing to use against Judge Barrett unless they make up. something.

The attacks, I mean questioning, begin tomorrow. They will try to ruin her reputation and her right to fill the vacancy. Democrats on the committee are trying to convince Americans that filling a vacancy according to our rule of law is illegitimate. This is what they did to President Trump.

Who knows what they are capable of concocting, however. In the case of Justice Kavanaugh, they came up with a cooked-up rape story at the very last minute. It was based on a letter from a very unbelievable woman (Mrs. Christine Blasey Ford) and zero evidence.

Democrats keep calling filling a vacancy — packing. It’s insane.


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slim with a tilted brim
slim with a tilted brim
3 years ago

The could mock her religion like the godless communists that they are.
No Kavanaugh high school yearbook action here comrades. (sad trombone)

3 years ago

They are going after the Senate, trying to scare Republicans and defeating them in the elections to win the Senate, then pack the courts.