NBC Report of Pelosi Attack Contradicts the Acceptable Version – Update


Update: The story was removed by NBC News after it was approved since it now doesn’t meet their editorial standards, which we didn’t know they even had.

The Paul Pelosi story just got a new narrative that contradicts the media and Fed reports. Once upon a time, illegal alien David DePape, who is mentally ill, hit Paul Pelosi in the head with a hammer and possibly hit his arm and hand. The 82-year-old victim faces a long recovery and had brain surgery to close his skull. The attacker let Paul Pelosi go to the bathroom where he called the police. The men were probably in their underwear.

We have to remember DePape is insane and you can’t assign sane actions to this man. That’s all we can almost swear to at this time.

We now have a new story out of NBC, which contradicts the Federal charging documents. Remember, this is NBC, and they are not accurate reporters. We’re not sure about the Feds either.


The new narrative out of NBC ‘News’ still contradicts what we’ve heard.

NBC reporter Miguel Almaguer reported on the Today Show that accused attacker David DePape and Paul Pelosi were alone in the Pelosi home for thirty minutes before the attack occurred.

No one told the police the attack was at the Pelosi home.

When police arrived, Mr. Pelosi opened the door smiling after a police knock and announcement. He did not declare an emergency or try to leave. With a smile, Paul Pelosi walked back to the attacker., who then attacked him.

Pelosi had told the police, “everything is good,” and smiled as he walked back towards DePape. Almost immediately, insane DePape hit Pelosi in the head with the police looking on.

He is 82 years of age, could be a little senile, or might have already been hit or in shock. Perhaps he didn’t think the attacker was dangerous?

Watch as he contradicts unabashedly:

We put up two in case it’s deleted.

The Federal Charging Document Contradicts in Part:

At 2:31 a.m., San Francisco Police Department (“SFPD”) Officer Colby Wilmes
responded to the Pelosi residence, California and knocked on the front door. When the door was opened, Pelosi and DEPAPE were both holding a hammer with one hand, and DEPAPE had his other hand holding onto Pelosi’s forearm. Pelosi greeted the officers.

The officers asked them what was going on. DEPAPE responded that everything was good. Officers then asked Pelosi and DEPAPE to drop the hammer.

DEPAPE pulled the hammer from Pelosi’s hand and swung the hammer, striking
Pelosi in the head. Officers immediately went inside and were able to restrain DEPAPE.

While officers were restraining DEPAPE, Pelosi appeared to be unconscious on the ground.

Officers removed a cell phone, cash, clipper cards, and an unidentified card from DEPAPE’s right shorts pocket. DEPAPE provided officers his first and last name. After officers asked DEPAPE if he had an ID on him, DEPAPE said it might be in his backpack on the back porch and later stated his backpack was near the broken glass.

When officers removed DEPAPE from Pelosi’s residence, police body worn camera footage showed a glass door that appeared to be laminated glass, broken near the door handle. San Francisco Police Department recovered zip ties in Pelosi’s bedroom and in the hallway near the front door of the Pelosi residence. In addition, law enforcement searched DEPAPE’s backpack at the Pelosi residence, and they found,
among other things, a roll of tape, white rope, one hammer, one pair of rubber and cloth gloves, and a journal.

And they wonder why conspiracy theories grow. The media just wants clicks and PC-ism. The Feds are corrupt.

Everyone contradicts each other and they blame Republicans for the attack. Then they attack Republicans for thinking it could possibly, maybe be a conspiracy or a cover-up.

STHU Democrats and your media.

Yesterday, Officer Tatum discussed it:

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