When You’re Too Racist for MSNBC – Tiffany Cross, Gone


MSNBC has dropped Tiffany Cross’s weekend show after a nearly two-year run. Far-Left Tiffany is a racist who will say anything. That’s provable. She also doesn’t have a healthy viewership.

Rotating hosts will replace her as her contract ends.

Tiffany’s’ Cross Connection launched in 2020.

The source said that Cross’s staff was informed of the decision on Friday morning. No response from Cross yet. She’ll probably blame imaginary white supremacists.

Tiffany C previously was the D.C. Bureau Chief for BET Networks.

Fox News reports that MSNBC has cut ties with controversial, far-left weekend host Tiffany Cross after NBC Universal executives grew tired of her “bad judgment.”

A source confirmed that there were concerns at the network that Cross’s commentary, on the show and elsewhere, did not meet the network’s editorial standards. In an appearance on Charlamagne Tha God’s Comedy Central show on Thursday, Cross said Florida “literally looks like the dick of the country.”

Tiffany called Sen. Tim Scott a “token” and a “clown.”

Recently, Cross declared a concussion suffered by Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa as proof that “white coaches” are racist against “black players.” Cross claimed that Tagovailoa’s white coach allowed him back on the field to suffer a second concussion because the coach disregarded “black bodies.”

This, of course, was quite the statement for two reasons. 1) Tua Tagovailoa is not black. He’s Samoan. 2) His coach, Mike McDaniel, is not white. He’s biracial.

Megyn Kelly called her the “most racist person” on TV. Cross responded by calling her “the blackface expert,” referencing Kelly’s comment about blackface not necessarily being racist.

Cross has a lot of racist competition on MSNBC. Joy Reid and a number of their guests are vile racists. Racism isn’t attractive in any form. I guess Martin Luther King’s views are dead?

Watch the nutsy people blather about fake oppression in the freest country on earth:

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Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
1 year ago

Actually, Tiffany Cross is 1/2 white and has spent her lifetime needlessly pining and wishing she were all white.

1 year ago

How can someone be too Racist for MSNBC?