NBC Reporter Admits He Works with the Democrat Party Against Trump


NBC reporter John Heilemann admitted that he works with the Democrat Party to ‘inflict damage’ on President Trump. He kept referring to himself and the Democrats as one but then tried to say he “wasn’t part of the Democrat Party.”

He walked it back since he must have realized he exposed his bias.

The media just ignores the fact that this has gone on for decades. It certainly went on under Barack Obama.

Obama Separated 72,000 Parents from Their Children by 2014



  1. From article–‘Orwellian Doublethink’ and Controlled Insanity,’ “The Lies of totalitarian government must also be accepted by the less intelligent- no problem. George Orwell realized this was a much simpler dilemma to solve. This segment of society can be made to accept “the most flagrant violations of reality” without too much trouble – just expose them to 8-12 years of foolishness in government schools – and simply lie to them – even flagrantly – through an OUT-OF-MAINSTREAM MEDIA our new versions of Soviet Pravda and Izvestia.”

  2. Very few people will mention this but I fail to see the difference between businesses back in the day who refused to serve people because of the color of their skin and refusing to serve Conservatives and if that statement hits a nerve,

    I will gladly double down by pointing out that the owner of bakery finds himself maligned for refusing to bake a wedding cake for gays because of said individual’s faith while a person of color would never come under the same treatment for not serving or baking a cake for a (suspected) KKK member, law enforcement officer, Republican or Trump supporters. I would go so far that said individual in today’s climate would not be called out for refusing to serve someone else because of his race (I’ll leave you to guess which one).

    Why? Because it does not fit the narrative that the left is pushing.

    Color me: Tired of the bull.

    Oops, did I say that?

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