NBC Reporter Following Rittenhouse Jurors-Possibly TO OUT THEM-Was ARRESTED!


We already reported that evil MNBC is banned for allegedly planning to put Rittenhouse jurors in danger and place the outcome of the trial in jeopardy by terrorizing these people. Now, we have more good news.

The producer, James Morrison was trying to take pictures — allegedly. MSNBC denies it but Kenosha police briefly took him into custody and think he was trying to photograph them. The police said he was charged with several traffic violations — very suspicious, but not proof. He also has blacked-out windows according to Judge Schroeder.

Morrison has a Wikipedia page. Currently, he works under the supervision of Irene Byon, the MSNBC manager in New York. He was literally tracking the jury and ran a red light to keep up with them.

NBC said that even though Morrison was arrested near the jury van, he had no ill intentions nor was he going to contact them. They said he wasn’t going to photograph them and they regret the incident.

We bet they do.

The creepy network is under investigation.

Creeps banned!!!

The police arrested other creeps:

The Police said there is no credible threat at this time.

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