Now That Fauci Noticed Vaccines, Mandates Sure to Follow


Late to the party Tony, Hillary’s friend, finally noticed what we have all noticed for months thanks to data from the UK and Israel. Vaccinated people are in the hospitals and they are dying. [Definitely, watch the video below.]

This is our third article on this issue, but now the boosters are approved and mandates are sure to follow.

The vaccine wears off in 2-6 months, an Israel study shows.

Fauci’s answer never has anything to do with natural immunity or treatment. He only likes vaccines. And he LOVES mandates that are putting competent Americans out of work, Americans who labored during the pandemic, helped the sick, kept our food on shelves, got the engine of civilization going.

It’s happening with the help of misinformed Americans who believe the MSM.

“What we’re starting to see now is an uptick in hospitalizations among people who’ve been vaccinated but not boosted,” Fauci said Tuesday during an NBC News interview. “It’s a significant proportion, but not the majority by any means.”

No, you didn’t just see it. The CDC finally showed the enormous numbers of naturally immune Americans – 125 million – and natural immunity seems to last better and far longer than the vax. The Israel study said it’s 13 times better than vaccines.

Bonaparte Fauci, Dr. Wrong, needs to go away. He has lied repeatedly and is the reason we have lawless mandates too many Americans do not approve of. The vax rejecters are not anti-vax and they include Black People, White People, Democrats, Republicans, so stop lying MSM and Dem activists.

That eagle-eyed CDC Director Walensky noticed.

“Although the highest risk are those people who are unvaccinated, we are seeing an increase in emergency department visits among adults 65 and older, which are now again higher than they are for younger age groups,” Walensky remarked.

Residents of long-term care facilities and individuals over age 65 were among the first to be eligible for vaccines last winter.

CDC data shows long-term care residents who got a booster had a “markedly lower” infection rate compared with those who did not, Walensky claimed Wednesday.

Also during the briefing, Fauci said that despite the waning effectiveness, COVID-19 vaccines are able to “protect you, your family, and your community.”

Well, let’s mandate it then because we mustn’t leave Americans with any freedoms.

Definitely watch this video:

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2 years ago

Fauci sold America and the World a “Pig in a Poke”. The Government authorized an unproven medication and refuses to even say “oops!” The Government, led by Fauci, us now quadrupling down on the Covid Hoax. Covid will be under control only when all the vaccinated are dead and we are just left with the people with Natural Immunity. I figure less than 10 years, so all you fools who got vaxxed, start getting your affairs in order or expect to pay huge sums to Big Pharma for your soon to be weekly boosters. Instead of controlling Covid, there are more dead people in America this year than last. There is no Covid Vaccine, and there are a lot less dangerous therapeutics than the “Shot” out there. The Godless Communist Democrat Liberal Losers may have sown the seeds that will kill off all their supporters. This is why Big Government is so bad. Only Big Government can be this destructive. It’s pass time to take a pause, but continuing to “drink the Kool Aid” is just plain insane, Maybe if you stop the “shot”, some people may recover. If you have to keep taking a medicine, you have developed a chronic condition or an addiction. This was a 99% plus survivable disease, that appears to be changing. The CDC keeps touting the shot, but states that have aggressively treated cases early do well. Covid is not the Black Death! I’m not so sure about the “shots” long term; they definitely are not working and the period of protection appears to be less with each dose.

My Body My Choice
My Body My Choice
2 years ago

Who will volunteer to force jab?
The woke military.
Fundamentally destroyed is West Zimbabwe.
If you don’t own your body then you are a slave living in a slavestate.

2 years ago

The quite mad Mengles Fauci who has no compunction in torturing dogs and monkeys let alone humans ashould be a contortionist so he can bend over and kiss his own a*ss. I’ve had more than enough of this dangerous psychotic who belongs locked in an asylum while being probed, podded, and under observation; To conclude; To never give him any credence or trust the bat crap crazy little despot.
Fauci isn’t stupid. However, one doesn’t need to be stupid to be evil or crazy and that is what makes the evil doctor even more dangerous.