NBC: Senate Dems Want to Limit Presidential Power to Deport


NBC News reports that some Senate Democrats are in discussions to come up with a “safety valve” to prevent abuse of executive power in asylum decisions and border security. They don’t want Donald Trump to deport illegal aliens or keep them from pouring in. Democrats now define asylum seekers as anyone who crosses illegally.

They say they want to avoid cruelty and mass roundups. According to the latest Fox News poll, roundups, aka deportations, are what 67% of the American people want. What Democrats are saying is they don’t want to enforce immigration laws. They’re calling it a “red line” and “cruel” to enforce immigration laws and defend the borders.

Democrats are 100% for open borders.

Senators are negotiating new U.S. immigration restrictions as part of a deal to advance Ukraine aid. They are exploring ways to prevent a future president from abusing some of the executive powers to control the number of migrants seeking asylum.

In one dispute, GOP senators want to expand a president’s discretionary powers to close the border. While Democrats aren’t worried about President Joe Biden abusing that power, “what Donald Trump could do with that — and would do with that — is very different. And that is clearly on people’s minds as they are drafting,” one Democratic source familiar with the talks said.

“None of this is being drafted in a vacuum,” a source said.

Democrats are open to beefing up expedited removal powers to allow an administration to turn away new migrants, but they’re adamantly opposed to expanding that to deportations from inside the country.  “That would never fly amongst Democrats,” the Democratic source told NBC News, calling it a “red line” for them.

As we’ve said before, Democrats want to use the new Democrats to fight for amnesty and a path to citizenship to give them their one-party majority.

What they want to do is have a little bit more control of the border but keep all the new Democrat voters.

The buzzwords the media is using this week to demonize Trump is Trump is quoting Mein Kampf and is Adolf Hitler.

Some progressives say Democrats should reject new policies to crack down on the border entirely, citing Trump’s remarks accusing immigrants of “poisoning the blood of our country.” Critics have compared to comments by Adolf Hitler. They are also using his tongue-in-cheek statement to the New York Young Republican Club that he wants “to be a dictator for one day.”

Trump brushed off the comparison to Hitler on Tuesday, suggesting that he “never read Mein Kampf,” and that Hitler made the comment “in a much different way.”

He was joking when he said he’d be a dictator for one day. He said he wants to control the border.

It would be great if Biden were only a dictator for one day.

Senator Alex Padilla of California (D) and Chris Murphy of Connecticut (D) warned the world about handing Trump the power to expedite deportations:

“Expanded nationwide expedited removal is an incredibly dangerous tool that, if willingly handed over in these negotiations, could be easily abused by a future Trump administration to target political opponents and critics,” Padilla said…

If they don’t want deportations, they have to change the law. Barring that, they need to follow the law.

Democrats won’t stop. The sex trafficking, drugs, criminals, terrorists, it’s all good with Democrats, and their allies in the Republican Party.

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Frank S.
Frank S.
2 months ago

Waiting for some of the very wealthy Dem virtue signalers to sponsor and take fiscal responsibility for a bunch of these self proclaimed, wannabe “asylum seekers”. Keep the border jumpers around until their court date comes up….a few years down the road.

2 months ago

Ha! Ha! Ha!. That’s to Funny.