NC Magistrates Puts Violent Criminals Out On the Streets, Citing Racism


“We as a county have a bail policy that has fundamental issues that directly affects poor people, and if we want to change racial and ethnic disparities … we have to have to make changes to the policy,” Rhodes said.

A magistrate in Mecklenburg County claims it’s racist to issue an arrest warrant for violent criminals so he only gives them a criminal summons, i.e., an invite to show up in court the next month.

The lunatic left, of which this man is one, will get a lot of people killed if someone doesn’t put a stop to this. The magistrate needs to be removed.


The new direction on bail is driven in part by Chief Magistrate Khalif Rhodes, who is running for District Court Judge against Karen McCallum, a senior district attorney, Blue Lives Matter reports.

According to BLM, Rhodes, who is appointed, oversees 34 magistrates who make decisions on whether to issue arrest warrants or criminal summons. The magistrates also often decide the amount of someone’s bail.

He plans to keep it up and spread it out. The Chief District Judge Regan Miller, who oversees Rhodes, sees absolutely nothing wrong with letting people accused of violent crimes walk the streets while their cases are pending.

It’s just a “mindset” baed on historical precedent, that’s all, he claims. “We are trying to change the culture,” he said.


A summons is merely an invitation to court. It’s usually given to kids for low-level misdemeanors.

So if armed robbers or other violent criminals, including rapists, walk the streets and rape or kill someone, their blood and misery should be on the hands of these magistrates. Since you can’t sue them, they should be charged criminally for aiding and abetting. This is what it is.

These people are anarchists and they need to be removed, fired, whatever they have to do.


  1. Whoever is this Jack asse’s boss needs to step in a relieve him of his duties and correct this problem for the safety of the non criminal public. This is called anarchy!

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