Neil Oliver Addresses Our Future Dystopian World


Neil Oliver gets it as usual as he talks about the relentless erosion of our rights and our very lives in the clip below. It’s blatant daylight robbery. The computer-generated ‘climate crisis’ is driven into us day after day by the corrupt media.

Today, we must pay for an uninvented technology and a future we can’t predict.

Net Zero and Agenda 2030 are absurdities meant to terrorize people and remove all freedoms and rights. The children are being raised to believe the earth could disappear.

De-population is driving the train, and man is described as a blight on the world. Oliver talked about 15-minute cities that will keep us imprisoned. Country mice will be extinct, and we will all be city mice.

The Utopian future that globalists (de-growthers) have planned by corrupting the children will only bring about dystopia. People won’t have any rights.

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1 year ago

Ran across Neil Oliver for the first time about a year and a half ago. Scotland should be proud, but alas, he’s mostly regarded by the dolt citizenry there as a pariah.

More of his boldness: