Netflix Staff Behaves Insanely Upon Seeing a Dave Chappelle Supporter


If you have been following the attacks on comedian Dave Chappelle, you know they are irrational, vicious, and unrelenting. The cancel culture commies have attacked him for three weeks for joking about LGBTs harmlessly. Chappelle isn’t putting trans people down, he’s defending women.

Chappelle points out that there are things about the trans community that aren’t right. For example, giving Caitlyn Jenner an award for “Woman of the Year” immediately after declaring himself a woman while ignoring every other natural-born woman in the country, is ridiculous.

That makes a mockery of the trans community, not Chappelle pointing it out in a joking manner. Chappelle does not hate trans people. He’s shown that repeatedly.

These out-of-control people staged a walkout and are threatening to quit — let them. They claim Chappelle’s jokes are putting lives at stake. They’re out-of-control snowflakes with a hardcore leftist agenda.

It’s not about Chappelle, it’s about the agenda.

Netflix’s unhinged trans staff went wild on some poor pro-Chappelle protester who was there supporting Dave Chappelle.


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