Nevada just got interesting! 40,000 ballots look fraudulent


As the highly contested election continues, Nevada has become very interesting. The Trump campaign filed a lawsuit against the state of Nevada. This lawsuit targets 40,000 votes and cites explicit instances of voting irregularities, improprieties, and fraud.

This margin is greater than the 33,000 vote margin Joe Biden currently carries in the state. Here is a summary of the suit:

“We believe the discrepancies discovered in the days following Nevada’s election and invited by the Democrat’s last-minute changes to the law monumentally influenced this presidential election to benefit Joe Biden, and as a result, these irregularities have deprived Nevadans of their right to a free and fair election.

These malicious actions, which have impacted more than 40,000 ballots, cannot be overlooked, and President Trump will continue battling for justice and seeking to restore Americans’ faith in our electoral process.”

Jenna Ellis, Trump Campaign Senior Legal Advisor (Source)

Strange Doings in Nevada

The integrity of the election continues to be controversial as hundreds of signed witnesses’ affidavits flood in questioning the outcome’s integrity and validity. The reader can read the lawsuit in full below.

Data scientist Dorothy Morgan said there was an inexplicable jump in voter registrations with unusual addresses and incomplete information.

In an affidavit, Morgan said she spotted a “historically strange” increase in voter registrations missing the sex and age of the voter, as well as registrations where casinos and RV parks are provided as “their home or mailing addresses” in the Third Congressional District, which covers much of Clark County and Las Vegas.

“This investigation found over 13,000 voters whose voter registration information revealed no sex or date of birth. Not only does this mean we cannot verify whether these voters are old enough to vote, but it is also historically strange: While one does not expect voter registration information to be perfect, it is very strange that there were very, very few of these kinds of imperfect records with missing or invalid information until this year—when there are 13,372 of them,” she said, according to an affidavit obtained by the Washington Examiner.

Read the filing. The counters were told to consider one similar letter in a signature as verified and other bad things.

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Never Leave the Boat
Never Leave the Boat
3 years ago

Interesting times why that sounds like a Chinese curse.
Way to get sloppy enlightened cosmopolitan beings CCP/CPUSA RATS.
Pride goeth before a fall.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
3 years ago

There’s a treasure chest of invalid ballots in each contested state. The SC may toss hundreds of thousands, especially if the states are not cooperating.