Whoa, Lin Wood to Gov Kemp: I know what you did


A fiery Lin Wood said at the presser/rally in Georgia today that Governor Kemp took money from China. Wood basically called Kemp a criminal.

He said he knows about defamation. “I’ve defended clients and I am here to tell you Gov. Kemp took money from Dominion and he won’t sue me because I know what he did.” Wood said Dominion is 75% owned by Chinese communists.

He claimed Trump won over 400 Electoral votes, including California. That’s not believable, but who am I to say.

Sidney Powell said she has evidence of buying votes, ballots coming from Mexico, ballots from foreign countries, ballots traveling across state lines after being counterfeited, and more. She said Georgia was rife with voter fraud. Go to about 39:00 and about 1:14:



    • So how in the world do you think they have this evidence? This has been and is the biggest sting operation in the history of the world. Trump suckered them in and out of their stupidity and arrogance they could not help themselves. But in the end darkness is always exposed by the light and it is about to be shown for all the world to see. Alot of folks are going to the gallows for Treason.

  1. Kemp is a RAT. He wouldn’t be where he is without Trump. Rattensberger is in on it as well.
    Too bad so sad CCP/CPUSA but it won’t be the cakewalk that you thought it would be.

  2. Follow the money. Should be easy to prove. Did Kemp report the income? Did he register as an agent of a foreign gubmint? Couple of felonies right there, not to mention Treason.

    Book ’em, Kono!

  3. The big problem is crooked judges. It does no good at all to have mountains of evidence if a corrupt judge won’t allow you to present it in court. It’s been happening all over and is nothing new. We need to pass laws concerning judges. It should be easier to get them off the bench when they are corrupt. Then they should be tried for treason and executed.
    These people are the trash of the nation and are spineless. If we made a good example of a couple of them, the rest would be crapping their pants and get the message.
    We seriously need to start executing these traitors, there’s no worries for them now because nobody gets arrested, so why worry. Just keep on betraying the nation and getting rich off chinese money.
    Judges are a major weak spot in out legal system, they are easily bought off or think their personal views should be law.

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