New Anti-White Mantra: Digital Blackface


CNN reports you are committing digital blackface if you are a white person sharing a photo of a black person reacting. According to CNN, digital blackface is a form of racism that entails a white person sharing the reaction of a black person across a digital platform.

Lauren Michele Jackson, an author and cultural critic, reported on the definition in an essay for Teen Vogue.

Justin Trudeau in blackface. He gets a pass. Democrats get a pass on this all the time, like the former governor of Virginia.

Many White people choose images of Black people when it comes to expressing exaggerated emotions on social media – a burden that Black people didn’t ask for, she says.

This is completely fabricated, as is most of the leftist ideology.

If you’re black sharing a white person’s reaction – no problem.

“If you’re Black and you’ve shared such images online, you get a pass. But if you’re White, you may have inadvertently perpetuated one of the most insidious forms of contemporary racism,” Jackson reports.

This woman is still talking about minstrel shows of a long-gone era.

Teen Vogue is a perverse magazine. Read it, and you’ll see. Don’t let your children near it.

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