New ban on a phrase and a belief on Facebook and Twitter


The neo-fascists at Twitter will ban any tweet questioning fraud in the election. Pennsylvania had 200,000 more votes than voters, but that may not be questioned. They are suspending anyone who questions the election. Jim Hoft did and was suspended.

Facebook is mimicking the fascist approach. FB will remove all references to ‘Stop the Steal’ from the platform.

Facebook said Monday it’d remove content from the main social network and Instagram that includes the phrase “stop the steal,” which has been used by President Donald Trump and his supporters to push baseless claims about voter fraud.

In November, they shut down a “Stop the Steal’ website with over 365,000 members and growing.

I wonder if the Right can ever win a presidential election given the new way of voting. I worked the polls and absentee balloting. What I discovered is mail-in votes were filled with fraud and in New York, they are controlled by the left.

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