New Bill Could Halt the Mandatory Vaccination of Children


Ted Cruz unveiled a new bill to outlaw child vaccine mandates. Some Democrats have expressed concern about mandating the vaccine for children, and it could pass.

They will mandate the vaccines. They passed a mandate in California and the officials are talking about it in New York and elsewhere.

Children aren’t in grave danger from COV and they aren’t big spreaders of it. On the other hand, the drug is experimental.

Beginning January 1st in California, students in grades 7-12 will have to be vaccinated in order to go to school. By next July 1st, that will probably extend to all school children.

Senator Cruz’s bill will:
  1. Prohibit the Federal government or any recipient of Federal funding (ie state, local, and tribal governments) from mandating the Covid-19 vaccine for any children 18 and younger.
  2. Prohibit school districts or educational entities from mandating the vaccine for their students (regardless of whether or not they receive Federal funding).
  3. Require parental consent before the vaccine can be administered to a minor.

Children are being vaccinated without parental permission. Ted Cruz’s bill would make it a Federal crime to vaccinate a child without parental consent.

It is insane to mandate that children take an experimental vaccine. It is also wrong to mandate healthy adults inject drugs into their bodies. COV isn’t smallpox. It is unconstitutional.

Mandating children get the vaccine with so little research behind it is just wrong.

Ted Cruz’s bill could pass. Call your senators.

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