Rittenhouse Witness Is Getting Messages to Kill Himself


Investigative reporter Drew Hernandez was on the scene when radical pedophile Joseph Rosenbaum confronted Kyle Rittenhouse. He testified today that Rosenbaum charged Rittenhouse from behind and as he charged, a firearm went off.

The firearm was shot by Rosenbaum’s friend and it is what precipitated what happened next.

Rittenhouse had been hired to protect Car Source and Rosenbaum was very aggressive that evening.

“I was at the corner of the Car Source and the first thing I did identify is that Joseph Rosenbaum was charging Kyle Rittenhouse from behind and then as he’s charging him into the Car Source parking lot a firearm goes off,” Drew Hernandez, a commentator for Real America Voice who covered the Kenosha riots, testified.

“As the first firearm goes off, Rosenbaum is already charging Kyle from behind and attempts to throw a bag at him, not sure what’s inside of it, and Kyle is right at the corner of Car Source, and turns around, and Rosenbaum is lunging toward him very clearly, and Kyle fires,” Hernandez said.

Hernandez also testified that Rosenbaum had been “triggered and aggravated” the evening of Aug. 25. Hernandez first noticed Rosenbaum when Rosenbaum was pushing a dumpster that was on fire into occupied police vehicles. There is video footage showing that is what happened.


As a result of his testimony today, Drew Hernandez is getting messages telling him to kill himself. As for prosecutor ADA Binger, he’s evil. He appears to want to convict Kyle Rittenhouse of something – anything.

Watch the clip of the first shooting of Joseph Rosenbaum:


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