New Civiqs Poll Puts Biden’s Approval at a Crushing 29%


A new Civiqs poll has Biden’s approval at 29%. Although it’s much too high when looking at the destruction he has inflicted on the country, it’s becoming more realistic.

Some disapprove because he couldn’t stop the overturning of Roe. With each major “accomplishment”, his approval went down.

Biden, lost, bewildered, and befuddled.

The more important number is disapproval at 58%. Independents, who are largely swing voters, disapprove by a whopping 67%.

The approval by Hispanics is a stunning 38% and the disapproval number is 48%. Nearly half of Hispanics do not approve of his performance.

In the 18-34 age range, 58% disapprove and only 30% approve. 35-49 age range: 61% disapprove and 28% approve. 50-64 age range: 59% disapprove, 32% approve. 65+ age range: 56% disapprove, 37% approve.

College graduates don’t approve of him: 57% disapprove and 32% approve. Non-college grads: 59% disapprove and 28% approve. Postgrads: 50% to 44% (why?).

Men: disapprove 56% to 39% approval. Women: 50% approve, 42% disapprove (WTH?)

Biden is putting a communist platform through, overrunning the country, causing severe inflation, and so much more. In addition, he clearly has dementia and lots of corruption surrounding him. Why doesn’t everyone disapprove? What does it take?

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