New Dem Rock Star O-Cortez Struggles to Describe Pelosi’s Role


Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won the Primary for the congressional seat in NY14 — the Bronx — because so few showed up to vote and her opponent didn’t bother to campaign. She grew up in one of the more elite suburbs of New York but she thought she was a Capitalist then.

Her endless gaffes promise to hurt her as the “future of the Democrat Party”, a label she was given by the DNC Chair Tom Perez.

In another failed TV interview, she rambled nearly incoherently as she attempted to describe Pelosi’s position in the party during an interview with Cuomo Prime Time on Wednesday.

“I think absolutely right now..she is the leader no, um, she is speaker..or rather leader Pelosi..hopefully, we’ll see..she’s ah..she’s the current leader of the party and..the party absolutely does have its leadership in the House and Senate,” the political newbie blathered.

Nancy Pelosi has tried to diminish Ocasio-Cortez out of fear of the Socialist label. Democrats don’t want you to know they have embraced the hard-left.


O-Cortez is actually a graduate of Boston University and she graduated with a degree in Economics but can’t do the math.

Parents, don’t send your children to Boston U.

O-Cortez wants to decide what is morally right and she wants to steal our money to fund it.

Far-left Vox published a report with a new study proving her freebies are unaffordable.

Socialists’ Freebies Will Cost a Staggering $218 Trillion Over 30 Years

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