New Denver statue will remember terrible Americans of 1864


A Civil War memorial toppled by Black Lives Matter [violent communist movement] ‘protesters’ in Colorado over the summer will be replaced by a sculpture of a Native American woman in mourning.

The new statue, approved by Denver representatives on Friday, will commemorate the 1864 Sand Creek massacre, where US Army soldiers attacked and destroyed a village of Cheyenne and Arapaho people in southeastern Colorado, CPR News reported.

This statue will exist because the left wants Americans to be self-loathing and to hate the USA. That’s the message you must get as you enter the Capitol.

Why so negative?

Descendants of the victims wanted it. And the artist of the new sculpture says, “The Sand Creek Massacre Memorial can help us recognize that confronting the ghosts of our past can inform our conversations today and shape a better future.”

True, but in front of the Capitol? Can’t we be positive in some way? Can’t we applaud their courage? Shouldn’t this new statue be in a museum?

Only two members of The Capitol Building Advisory Committee voted against it out of nine.

Artist Harvey Pratt, a Sand Creek descendant, was commissioned to create the statue by the organization One Earth Future — and said the idea for the piece came to him in a dream.

“It’s really about the women,” he said. “The women carry the men in the tribes on their backs.”

Women carry the men on their backs? Sounds sexist. Not sure about this.

This is what all our toppled memorials will become — hate speech in bronze.

This is the before:

This will be the after:

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