New FISA docs show FBI as more corrupt than previously thought


New FISA documents show once again that the FBI is corrupt. Techno Fog summarized the documents exposing the FBI abuses of raw FISA information.

A FISA Court opinion and order declassified today reveals continued FBI abuses of “raw FISA-acquired information.” After a DOJ National Security Division review, the FISA Court noted “the FBI’s failure to properly apply its querying standard when searching Section 702-acquired information was more pervasive than was previously believed.”

The FBI failed to apply querying standards on 702-FISA acquired information. It was far more pervasive than originally believed.

They failed to get a FISC order before reviewing evidence of crime queries.

They just did whatever they wanted. It’s the wild west in the Wray FBI as it was under Comey and probably has been for some time.

Read more on the TechnoFog substack or read it yourself here. The documents were released due to a lawsuit and a court order.


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