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Anti-Globalist International Manifesto

We are living in a globalist coup, effectuated by an international elite determined to enslave humanity to its own advantage.

This global governance subterfuge is being effectuated via various international instruments and policies, such as the UN “Sustainable Development Goals,” “Agenda 2030,” Environmental Social and Governance (“ESG”) business models, proposed amendments to the World Health Organization’s International Health Regulations, the proposed Pandemic Treaty, and the UN’s proposed Emergency Platform.  The aim of the scheme is to establish a world-wide biotech surveillance police state in which all people will be monitored and controlled.  This will be accomplished by combining a Chinese Communist Party-style “Social Credit System” with a Central Bank Digital Currency.  In this way, anyone who dissents from the official globalist narrative (on issues such as vaccine and mask mandates, lockdowns, or election integrity, for example) will be identified through artificial intelligence, and then cut off from their bank accounts and credit cards, effectively paralyzing them.

This coup is being perpetrated through various unaccountable, unelected, globalist bodies, such as the United Nations, the World Health Organization, the World Economic Forum, the World Bank, the Bank of International Settlements, and the G20, all of which have been heavily influenced by the Chinese Communist Party.  These globalist entities grab power by creating crises – such as pandemics; economic, energy, food or environmental crises; internet or power grid outages; and war — as a pretext to impose emergency powers.  These powers are then used to curtail freedom and to establish a global totalitarian infrastructure.

The global elites oppose national sovereignty and are seeking to impose global regulations regarding surveillance, censorship, healthcare, and banking.  They oppose individual medical freedom, seeking to impose new “vaccine” mandates, forcing everyone to submit to injection with an experimental gene therapy, regardless of the age or health status of the individual – in direct violation of the Nuremburg Code.  They have hidden or ignored incidents of vaccine-related injuries and deaths and are currently legally exempt from compensating their victims.  They have promoted lockdowns, which did not stop the spread of disease, but which instead caused economic devastation and a host of other health-related consequences, such as an alarming uptick in suicide and all-cause mortality.

These godless elitists oppose traditional values.  They regard as “hate speech” the articulation of Biblical truths and values, whose ancient roots extend back four millennia and include the sanctity of life and marriage.  Those who profess such beliefs are considered enemies of the state, “haters,” to be suppressed.

Because our faith, our values, our families and communities, our bodily autonomy, our national sovereignty — and indeed, Western Civilization itself — are under a fierce and coordinated attack, we commit ourselves to form an Anti-Globalist International, an international counterforce, to resist this wealthy elite, to contend for our sovereign independence as individuals and as nation states, under God.

We will resist any mandates coming from the United Nations and all its partners and affiliates, including but not limited to the World Health Organization, the World Economic Forum, the G-20, the Bank of International Settlements and the Chinese Communist Party.  We call on the nations of the world to repudiate and withdraw from these unelected, elitist, globalist bodies.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all people are created by God in His image, male or female, and endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights.  These rights include the right to believe, practice and advance Biblical truths and values, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of thought and expression, freedom of parents to exercise authority in raising and educating their children, as well as personal sovereign bodily autonomy, especially with respect to health care.  These are the founding principles of Western Civilization.

We declare the inalienable right to the sovereignty of each nation state, that no international law or treaty can supersede the constitution of any nation, and that all nation states have the right and the duty to resist and reject unaccountable, unelected, supra-national pseudo-governmental bodies that threaten individual autonomy and national sovereignty.

WHEREAS the United Nations has become increasingly a tool of the Chinese Communist Party and has challenged national sovereignty through its arm, the World Health Organization;

WHEREAS the World Health Organization has been especially aggressive in taking away our freedom, imposing the China Model during 2020-2021: lockdowns, quarantines, closure of schools and churches, mask mandates, vaccine mandates and vaccine passports;

WHEREAS the World Economic Forum – which is compromised by the Chinese Communist Party and exerts undue influence over the United Nations – is nothing more than a club of billionaires plotting to seize control of the world’s wealth and turn ordinary people into serfs;

WHEREAS the Chinese Communist Party is a close collaborator with the United Nations, the World Health Organization, the World Economic Forum, and the G20, foisting adoption of the China Model through “Elite Capture” of leaders in all sectors of society;


  • We Join Forces to Form the Anti-Globalist International, whose purpose is to expose, reject and defeat the globalist forces determined to grasp the world in their totalitarian grip;
  • We Pledge Allegiance to the Constitutions of our various Nation States, not to the globalist constitution of the United Nations;
  • We Renounce as Illegitimate and Non-Binding any treaty or other international instrument that is inconsistent with the Constitutions of our Nation States;
  • We Reject any attempt by the United Nations, World Health Organization or any other supranational organization to undermine or damage our national sovereignty by using various legal instruments to control the health response and resources of the member states during a public health emergency, including in the event of a pandemic;
  • We Will Resist any future vaccine, mask or other mandates and lockdowns ordered by the UN/WHO to deal with any of their newly declared “health events”;
  • We Reassert the validity and importance of the Nuremberg Code, especially as it relates to the necessity of informed consent to experimental treatments or procedures;
  • We Will Expose and Oppose attempts by the United Nations, the World Health Organization, or our own governments to censor, prosecute and punish freethinking, conservative or religious citizens who refuse to agree or comply with future UN/WHO narratives, mandates, lockdowns, and decrees;
  • We Repudiate any merely human authority, foreign or domestic, that claims to be higher than the constitution of our nation state, or that compromises our God-given inalienable freedom as individuals and sovereignty as a nation;
  • We Denounce any assertion that advocacy of Biblical truths and values is “hate speech” and regard any laws against such speech an illegal violation of God-given human and civil rights;
  • We Defy any authority, foreign or domestic, that claims to be higher than God, or that disputes the existence of God.

Reggie Littlejohn, Lead Drafter


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