Biden Pays Off $6.1B Art Student Loans with Your Tax $$$


The Biden administration said Wednesday that it has approved the cancellation of more than $6.1 billion in student loan debt held by 317,000 borrowers who previously attended The Art Institutes, a now-defunct network of for-profit colleges.

He always has an excuse to break the law and no one is stopping him. Of course, it’s not really him since he is not all there. The Marxist committee tells him what to do and makes all the decisions. You know who they are.

The excuse this time is the Marxist head of the Department of Education said the students were misled about jobs and salaries. Hello, it’s art! Their lack of investigation is not my problem or yours. We have our own, and no one is bailing us out.


The administration is using its authority under an existing federal student loan program, known as borrower defense, to repay, making borrowers eligible for debt relief if they have been defrauded by their college.

Yeah, no, they don’t have the authority. It’s a distortion by a lawless administration.

Biden’s eager to buy votes among the young who are turned off to him to some degree.

What are the chances some of these people are brats protesting and rioting on behalf of Hamas or Communism?

He knows he’s breaking the law. He’s already said it’s illegal, but he wants votes so he ignores the law. He’s a threat to democracy.

As we have said before, he will keep doing this until election day, or should I say until the election weeks are over?

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