New info on Hunter’s laptop: “Keep as much money as you can”


There are new disclosures from Hunter Biden’s laptop that offer an added perspective on his dealings with Chinese figures, including Patrick Ho, secretary-general of Chinese oil giant CEFC, who was later indicted and has been connected with Chinese intelligence.

A Chinese-American secretary, JiaQi Bao, age 29, appeared to want a return of his attention but Hunter wasn’t biting. [Honey pot?]

She worked with him on the Patrick Ho venture.

In an audio recording, Hunter described Ho to a friend as the ”spy chief of China.” At that time, Hunter was deep into crack and drinking a quart of Vodka in a day. He also engaged in sexual escapades.

Bao, then age 29, scheduled flights, hotels, and doctor’s appointments for him.

She sent him opposition research to help Joe Biden’s 2020 election bid and wrote flirty and personal messages and ended up with his military dog tags.


She also encouraged him to draw from the company’s accounts before they were shut down.

Hunter and Joe Biden’s brother Jim partnered with CEFC in 2017, in a deal that was meant to generate billions of dollars.

Bao’s emails discuss Chinese accounts that appear to have cash available to Biden to use at his discretion. One section is titled “Keep As Much Money As You Can” and encourages Biden to drain accounts that were just sitting there with cash. She even suggests that Biden ramp up his expenses to grab the money.[see the email below]

But the joint venture collapsed the following year when CEFC’s secretary-general Ho was arrested and convicted of bribery in a US federal prosecution.

Biden has insisted that the FBI investigation is solely focused on tax issues and he will be cleared. That could be true. However, we know that these transactions were flagged by federal authorities including claims over possible money laundering.

Why would a company closely connected to the Chinese government and possible Chinese intelligence give millions to Hunter and his uncle They didn’t seem to do much if anything.

Hunter’s laptop shows that he transferred about $1.4 million of funds from his company Owasco to his uncle’s consulting firm between 2017 and 2018.

Hunter and Joe Biden’s brother Jim partnered with CEFC in 2017 (Ho) but the enterprise collapsed the following year when Ho was arrested and later convicted of bribery in a US federal prosecution.

It’s unclear whether Bao was aware of CEFC bosses alleged links with intelligence services at the time and she has not responded to requests for comment.

The media doesn’t care at all.


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