ATF and DOJ introduce radical gun regulation


Last month, Joe Biden ordered the DOJ to come up with a new regulation to target so-called “ghost guns.”

Ghost guns are homemade guns that don’t have a serial number.

The ATF and DOJ are in the process of preparing a new regulation, and it’s awful.

In a few weeks, the rules will be solidified and there will be a public comment period.

Biden’s DOJ has changed the Federal definition of a firearm. For decades, this definition has been set in stone: “Any weapon which will or is designed to or may readily be converted to expel a projectile by the action of an explosive.”

Biden’s new regulatory change (Proposed Rule 2021R-05) will rewrite the definition of the term “may readily be converted” to include firearm parts.

A firearm is now any firearm part. If you want to buy parts or upgrade, you will have to ask the federal government for permission.

Since before the United States even existed, Americans have been building their own firearms for personal use. Every single law-abiding American who has ever lived has had a right to build their own firearm without having to notify the Federal government first.

Biden admin will now require background checks to buy parts.

Under Biden’s new rule, if you have an 80% receiver (legally not a firearm) and all of the parts necessary to build the gun (also legally not a firearm), then those combined parts would suddenly constitute a firearm because, in Biden’s opinion, they can be “readily converted.”

Biden’s DOJ is saying that this is necessary to close a “loophole.”

The ATF draft proposal runs more than 100 pages, and is full of legalese, but Bearing Arms says the gist of the draft is that the ATF is looking to define unfinished gun parts than can be “readily converted” into working firearms as broadly as possible.

The document reworks and broadens the definition of what parts constitute a -regulated firearm receiver. It then says any unfinished part that “may readily be converted” into a receiver must be treated as a receiver and requires sellers to obtain federal licenses, mark the unfinished parts with serial numbers, and perform background checks on buyers. The proposal provides only subjective standards for what makes an unfinished part “readily” convertible into a finished firearm but provides footnotes to court cases where the term has been applied. One court example included in the document said a part completed in “around an eight-hour working day in a properly equipped machine shop” was considered “readily” convertible. The only example of a ruling defining when a part is not “readily” convertible involved a process that “required [a] master gunsmith in a gun shop and $65,000 worth of equipment and tools.”

The examples provided in the document show the proposed rule would likely outlaw the sale of any unfinished receiver, especially when included in a kit with other parts and instructions or tools needed to complete the part. That’s because most unfinished parts sold in America today, including so-called 80% AR-15 lowers, can be finished at home in a few hours with commonly available tools like drill presses and compact mills.

The ATF said in the proposal it expects the rule will have a “significant impact” on companies currently selling unfinished receivers, but it expects them to adapt to the new rule.

It’s as vague and as general as possible. Gun retailers won’t be able to meet the law in all likelihood.

Check out the entire 107-page proposal at The Reload, and see for yourself.

It helps Democrats with their ultimate goal of confiscating guns.

Democrats plan to impose “universal background checks” on the country. They plan to use these background checks to create a registry of American gun owners and they want to use that registry to confiscate guns they believe are ‘too dangerous’ for Americans to own.

If you are opposed, let your representative know now.

Why doesn’t Biden get rid of the illegal aliens and the criminal aliens instead and leave legal gun owners alone.

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2 years ago

Gonna be a rush on AR parts. Wish I had the money to buy some stuff.

2 years ago

The ATF & DOJ have been taken over by a bunch communist boobs who can’t solve the problem of gun ownership by thugs & criminals in this country because they are busy playing marbles and tiddly winks with each other and playing hopscotch on their lunch hours. There is no ATF or DOJ anymore, as it has been corrupted just like the FBI.

2 years ago

Typical Democrats. Creating Laws for problems that don’t exist so the can say they took care of the problem. I keep telling you, Democrats are too dumb to Govern. The have no clue how to deal with real problems like gun crime in Chicago. Trump pretty much fixed the problem on the Border and Democrats broke the Border again. Please don’t let Democrats steal another election!

2 years ago

This rule allows the ChiCom agents masquerading as federal law enforcement to classify just about anything as a firearm part. There are cases where a Coka Cola bottle has been classified as gun silencer. This is a first step in disarming US citizens. RESIST!.