New low! US media pushes China’s propaganda about the Wuhan Foreign Chinese virus


China is the source of the outbreak and that isn’t racist to say. It appeared at least by November 17th before Chinese authorities acknowledged it, Chinese media reports. We could have done more to protect Americans had we known.

Now, Chinese officials are blaming the United States and trying to say it began in the United States. They’ve even reported our military brought it to China. That is absurd.

The U.S. media tells us we can’t call the virus, a Wuhan virus, a Chinese virus, or a foreign virus. They likely don’t want to offend Red China.

NBC News and other media are spreading Chinese propaganda every day. Take their recent Think article that NBC published. The author claims our view of personal freedom and lack of government leadership has made him — music professor Tony Perman — feel safer in China.

He should really move to China, so should the NBC News Editorial Board and the owners.

Some of the U.S. media are paid by the Chinese and run with their propaganda. They are now running with the Chinese propaganda that “China bought us time.”

This is after China minimized the threat, delayed announcements, wouldn’t allow CDC or WHO doctors in, and now blame the U.S. for the disease. The U.S. media is very sick.

The NY Times ran with an op-ed titled, “China Bought the West Time. The West squandered it.”

American media is blaming the U.S. President who acted quickly, but not China who kept it secret for over a month. They planned to keep it secret longer but the now-deceased doctor and a citizen journalist, who is missing, leaked the news.

It’s hard to say the media is not the enemy of the people when they do things like this.

The same monsters who pushed the Russia collusion hoax are now pushing these Chinese conspiracy theories and blaming the U.S. President.

China doesn’t need to take us over, the Democrats will do it for us.

China’s Single Payer system and authoritarian government aren’t working in China and it isn’t working for the world.


Why don’t these so-called investigators in the media actually investigate the origins of the Wuhan foreign Chinese coronavirus?

It is possible the virus leaked from their Wuhan laboratory. Wuhan is where the virus originated.

In 2004, SARS virus allegedly leaked from a Beijing lab, experts say. It mutated in animals and became capable of infecting humans at the Wuhan seafood market.

A 2017 article warned of the lab animals that scientists intended to inject with viruses.

The Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory is the only lab in China designated for studying dangerous pathogens like SARS and Ebola. It is housed at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. it is one of only 54 BSK-4 laboratories in the world, Daily Mail reported.

Wuhan is the epicenter of the epidemic.

The lab also conducts animal research.

According to Market Watch,  Chinese news reported that President Xi said after the outbreak that a national system to control biosecurity risks must be put in place “to protect the people’s health.” Xi said lab safety is a “national security” issue. He didn’t mention all the people who were already sick or who died.

The next day, the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology released a new directive entitled “Instructions on strengthening biosecurity management in microbiology labs that handle advanced viruses like the novel coronavirus.”

The author of the Market Watch piece believes that China is conceding there may be a problem keeping dangerous pathogens in test tubes.

There is only one “microbiology lab” in China that can handle “advanced viruses like the novel coronavirus” and it’s in Wuhan.

According to the author, Steven Mosher, “Some Chinese researchers are believed to sell laboratory animals to street vendors after they have finished experimenting on them.”

That’s right. They inject animals with these viruses and they may be selling them to the market. We do believe the virus went from an animal to a human.


Our enemies look at our hysterical reactions and the toilet paper scares and know they can take us over.

This is Sam’s Club in Medford, Long Island:

People were panicked my nephew tells me. Some wore masks and had gloves on. There were no more paper towels, toilet paper, rice, most canned goods, water, eggs, milk, meat, bread. The pasta was almost gone, along with dog and cat food.

The disease has a 98,99% cure rate according to Dr. Fauci. Maybe we are panicking too much.

The diner we go to in Suffolk County was nearly empty this morning, traffic has been extraordinarily light, and everyone keeps checking to see if I’m still alive.

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John Vieira
John Vieira
3 years ago

Whoopee!!! You just realized that the Main Sewer Stream Fake Media IS the “enemy of the people”??? Where have you been for the last forty years +/-….about the time they became fully involved in the “propaganda” business…as one Canadian firm proudly announced…”We MAKE the news”…

Patricia Nielsen
Patricia Nielsen
3 years ago

What a load of doggy doo. If that were true why haven’t there been reports of an earlier outbreak of illlnesses. And no deaths reported of seniors like the ones reported a few weeks ago in Washington state. And be sure that if there was an outbreak, the nasty Democrat/Chinese news media would certainly have plastered that all over the place to try and make the US President look bad.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
3 years ago

China is the culprit behind this whole mess and our Media is going along with them with the intent of destroying Trump to have a unified Global Hegemony shared by both.