President awaits fake news media’s apology over the Google affair


There was a scandalous report floating around claiming the President lied when he said on Friday that “Google has 1700 engineers working on” a website that would help people figure out if they need a coronavirus test and to direct them to testing sites. He didn’t distinguish what Google was doing as opposed to Verily, both subdivisions of Alphabet. For that, he is being called a liar.

Google has a plan for responding to the coronavirus. The company announced on Saturday that it is “partnering with the U.S. Government in developing a nationwide website that includes information about COVID-19 symptoms, risk, and testing information.”

The life sciences research company Verily said on Friday that it “is in the early stages of development” of a tool to triage potential coronavirus patients and “is planning to roll testing out in the Bay Area, with the hope of expanding more broadly over time.”

The fake news media claimed they called Google and Google denied it was creating this website. The President said Google told him they were never called.

In other words, the media’s reporting is more fake news.


Google communications wrote on Twitter, “We are fully aligned and continue to work with the US Government to contain the spread of COVID-19, inform citizens, and protect the health of our communities.”

The President tweeted their statement and added, “The Fake and Corrupt News never called Google. They said this was not true. Even in times such as these, they are not truthful. Watch for their apology, it won’t happen. More importantly, thank you to Google! ”

Verily explained their role which the President retweeted. He thanked the industry partners for volunteering for this effort.

President Trump is a savage. Watch him in this clip:


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