New morality: pedo books for young boys


A Texas librarian put a children’s book on the shelves that instructs young boys how to “pleasure” older men. That wasn’t a one-time event in Texas.

That information came from reporter Lara Logan who linked to a story on the Blaze about an angry mom in Austin who laid into the school board over a sexually explicit book in a middle school library.

When I was young, librarians were prim and proper. What happened to them?

The Blaze story is about the mom who attended a board meeting and read a passage from the book to make her point.

“Take her out back, we boys figured, then hand on the t***ies, put it in her cornbox, put it in her cornhole, grab a hold of that braid, rub that calico,” she recited to the board, before adding, “You can find that on page 39 of the book called ‘Out of Darkness,’ which you can find at Hudson Bend Middle School and Bee Cave Middle School.”

That is so unacceptable.

The mom’s mic was cut but they did take the book off the shelves. So, where is it? Is it still offered to children? Amoral people are relentless.

Let me guess which side came up with this perversion? Surely Democrats don’t think this is okay?

These commies are destroying children.

Well, as long as no one can read Dr. Seuss, we’re good (sarcasm).

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