Report massive numbers of Haitian illegals are being sent throughout the interior


Earlier today we put a video of illegal alien Haitians getting on a plane to Florida at taxpayer expense. It doesn’t stop there. Illegal aliens, mostly Haitians, are reportedly being sent en masse to the interior of the United States.

We are not just importing Haitians. We are importing their culture. As you know, with all the billions poured into Haiti, it never gets better. It’s a horrible, crime-ridden hellhole.

The leftists on social media are trying to condone the illegal immigration of every Haitian.

Leftist Bishop Talbert Swan spread the lie that Haitians are being whipped like animals. He said they are not illegal aliens or migrants, they’re asylum-seekers. Seeking asylum in the US is legal.

Phillip Lewis, an editor for HuffPo, falsely claimed that the US stole billions from Haiti and it’s time to pay them back.

That’s a couple of examples of the insane rhetoric all over social media.

Most of the Haitians are coming from South America. They already had asylum. They are opportunists, not asylum seekers. Democrats only want them for votes.

We no longer have a Republic, and we are not even a country. Thank a Democrat.

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