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New Narrative: Biden’s Food Shortage Problem Is Putin’s Fault


The NSC Coordinator for Strategic Communications, John Kirby is suggesting all food shortages are the Russian President’s fault. That’s not accurate but it’s a useful narrative for Democrats.

The baby formula shortage is obviously the result of Team Biden’s incompetence. The impending shortages, while not all Biden’s fault, are largely driven by his policies. It was complicated by the shut down of a factory in Michigan.

Without Putin, the shortages would still exist.

Who Is To Blame for the Upcoming Food Shortage?

Who is to blame? It’s complicated, but in the end, it happened under full-blown Democrat policies. Is it deliberate? We don’t know. Our President is mentally deficient, and that has to be considered. However, none of the people programming him are stupid or unaware, so you decide.

Let’s not ignore the invisible Republicans while we place blame. How can we light a fire under them? We have some who are great, but not enough. In the end, this all happened under Biden and his Democratic administration.

The US Food Shortage to Come

The sanctions are largely to blame. They only hurt the US and the West, not Russia. Russia’s fine as they tear through Ukraine, occupying more than 20% of the country and all their valuable ports. Their ruble is the world’s best-performing currency.

Biden’s lockdown policies caused inflation along with his wild spending on wasteful welfare. Also, his energy policies drove inflation and continue to drive it.

Fertilizer prices are skyrocketing, affecting costs for farmers and ranchers. The cost of food at the local grocery store has gone up nearly 8%. While Russia can be blamed for some of it, this was in the works before and Team Biden’s policies, policies made by rich people, are killing the rest of us.

He has doubled down on the bad policies, destroying fossil fuels with nothing to take their place.

Refineries are closing, because of bad policies.

There are trucker shortages thanks to Democrat policies during the pandemic. Mask and vaccine mandates are very bad policies.

Biden lifted ethanol restrictions on gasoline. That helps ruin engines and will cause a shortage in food. This does nothing to ease the prices at the pump, but it does drive grain prices even higher.

The Avian flu hurt the chicken and turkey market.

Oddly disappearing food processing plants that are going up in flames or suffering from cyberattacks aren’t helping.

Biden has only made the supply chain problems worse with his attack on energy and the lack of attention to and funding to ease the problem. Food is getting very pricey and will get a lot worse as farmers jack up their prices out of necessity in August or September. That will cause a shortage.

Nations, including China and India, are hoarding.


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