New Poll Shows a Whopping 35% Still Approve of Joe


The new CIVIQS rolling presidential job approval poll, which has tracked his approval since he began as ‘president’ reports that he hit 35% job approval.

About 55% disapprove of his performance. There’s always that 10% who never have an opinion.

The 18-34 age group views him the most negatively, with only 28% approving.

A total of 62% of men, who are more likely to be conservative, disapprove of Biden and only 39% of women, traditionally more liberal, approve of Joe.

Another 56% of college graduates disapprove of Biden’s performance, and Hispanics are close to being evenly split on him.  The college-educated and Hispanics are usually left-wing. Blacks, another traditionally Democratic voting block, are still overwhelmingly in support of Brandon. Good grief. Why, why, why? You don’t believe their systemic racist garbage, do you?

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