CDC Director Walensky admits vaccinated people can still spread COV


It was only weeks ago when people were banned from social media for saying what CDC Director Rochelle Wlanesky just told Wolf Blitzer on CNN. She said there will be tens of thousands of breakthrough cases and vaccinated people can spread COVID.

She said “vaccinated people can still transmit the virus” so why are thousands of Americans losing their jobs?

Walensky claims vaccination reduces deaths and severe illness.


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1 year ago

Notice that the CDC isn’t saying anything at all about Natural Immunity. Is it because the FDA rushed a faulty vaccine to Market and we are seeing the big cover up. Why did the CDC ban known good therapeutic drugs? Some the new very expensive therapeutic drugs approved by the FDA are also having serious side effects. It’s time to get the Federal Government out of Medicine; they are killing too many people with their insane policies to cover up their incompetence.

Stop Mass Hysteria
Stop Mass Hysteria
1 year ago

Family is divided but that was the plan all along for the Long Marchers.
The Patriot side that lives in a former small town that is getting absorbed by the blob known as Capitol City says…you can still get it so what is the point of the not-a-vax.
The enemedia hype is what caused the overreaction and I witnessed an elder in tears over the COV-LARP last summer as I went over and turned that Satanic sh1t slime teevee off and said let’s go to the porch and get some air while you take a break from that mass hysteria.

(h/t/-Dr. Savage, the Last Raconteur)