New Rumor About Joe Biden Replacing Kamala Harris as VP


The rumors about Joe Biden wanting to replace Kamala Harris as Vice President are growing. The Biden-Harris relationship appears to be contentious, and her poll numbers are extremely low.

We now have information from Fox reporter Chad Pergram via Bret Baier. Pergram is a straight, factual, no nonsense reporter which gives this report some credibility.

During Bret Baier’s All-Star Panel, Pergram said he received a mysterious email two weeks ago.

“Just to let you guys in on a little secret here, I was told about 2 to 3 weeks ago, maybe this pertains to the Supreme Court, maybe this pertains to changing the ticket before you get into 2024. FDR seemingly burned through a vice president almost every time he was up for office.”

“But I got an email from somebody who really knows this place very well, who said, ‘Chad, start to familiarize yourself with the confirmation process just not in the Senate but the House for a vice president,’” he added.

Frankly, I don’t see Joe Biden or Kamala Harris running in 2024, but we will have to see.



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2 years ago

And here I thought Barry nailed the Kamal (historic!) pick because she would ride in on her unicorn and put the capstone on Wakanda after Brandon face plants.

O/T-Dank meme spotted! Two panels of the gray man, left side says 2010 with an Obama logo and the caption, healthcare is a human right.
Right side shows forehead veins bulging pinkish man with the caption, healthcare is for the vaccinated only 2021. (H/T-BP)