New Suspicious Footage of Ashli Babbitt Murder


Newly released footage of the Ashli Babbitt murder, as Greg Kelly labels it, was obtained and released by Judicial Watch. The footage is part of the 14,000 hours of documented surveillance video that the FBI and Capitol Police have refused to release to the public. [Watch the two clips]

The footage shows Capitol Police officers gathered behind the protesters while they go wild breaking into the corridor of the Senate chambers. That is very suspicious, especially since at least one radical, John Sullivan, was standing next to Mrs. Babbitt at the time.

This is something that Greg Kelly has brought up several times on Newsmax before the release of this video. Why did the police not only do nothing, but move away and let people break the glass after they seemingly received some kind of message through earpieces?

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton cued the video up to the five minute mark:

Why did they walk away and let this happen? Watch:

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