New! This Is One of the Lies Andrew McCabe Told


Daily Beast, a far-left media outlet, reported that a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request from the left-wing group CREW exposing the details of one of Andrew McCabe’s lies to FBI investigators. This is one the lies of that ended his reign at the FBI.

Towards the end of the 2016 presidential campaign, the Journal broke the news about an FBI investigation involving then-candidate Hillary Clinton.

The FBI looked into the leak and interviewed McCabe on May 9, 2017, Daily Beast reported.  It was the day the director James Comey was fired.

The interview concerned a media leak to the online publication Circa and asked him about the Journal story.

McCabe said he didn’t know how the Journal story leaked but within months, he changed his story.

On Aug. 18, FBI officials met with McCabe to discuss conflicting information.

“I need to know from you,” an agent said he told McCabe in a sit-down meeting, “did you authorize this article? Were you aware of it? Did you authorize it?”

The FBI investigator described: “And as nice as could be, he [McCabe] said, yep. Yep, I did.”

McCabe caused no small amount of frustration with his 180-degree turn. Later, he said he just wasn’t prepared for the question the first time he was asked.

Uh, no, he lied. And he lies with aplomb.

He did apologize to the FBI agents, allegedly.


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