De Blasio showers criminals leaving Rikers with an abundance of taxpayer gifts


New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is trying to ruin the established governance in the country and he does it well. Recently, he stationed workers on Rikers Island to give the departing inmates taxpayer-funded gifts.

Originally, the communist mayor was only going to give gifts to suspects to encourage them to come back for their court dates since he abandoned bail for most crimes. Now, he’s giving them to all criminals.

The taxpayer gifts include $25 debit cards, Mets tickets, free transit passes, movie tickets, and various gift cards. To make it easier for them to carry their gifts, they will soon have drawstring bags to carry them all, the New York Post reported.

There are even plans in the works to kick in some prepaid cell phones as part of New York’s soft-on-crime criminal justice reform law changes.

He should give them burner phones.

Over $500,000 has been used to purchase additional items, such as winter coats, the New York Post reported. The Steve Madden shoe company has also donated footwear to the cause.


The city is using taxpayer dollars not only to shower criminals with gifts but also to pay the workers from leftist nonprofit groups to dole out the gifts.

“It’s a sad state of affairs when the city bends over backward to reward criminals instead of protecting the victims of their crimes,” one law enforcement source told the paper. “What’s next? Free limo service back home?”

As many as 15,000 inmates are expected to rake in the prizes supplied by the incentive program, according to the New York Post.

“2020 is going to be the year of the perp,” one law enforcement source told the paper.

What does this accomplish, you might ask. What it does is tear down the fabric of society and all that we know of justice, fairness, and logic.

De Blasio is stupid but he’s a good communist.

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