New UK Leadership Might let 40K Criminals Loose on the Citizens


The UK’s new commie leader, Keir Starmer, might let 40,000 criminals loose on the British people. Despite having completed only 40% of their sentences, his team thinks they are worthy of release.

A record 88,225 people are currently in prison in England and Wales.

James Timpson, pro-criminal radical.

Daily Mail reported Starmer appointed James Timpson as minister for Prisons, Parole, and Probation. He’s a radical.

“The Timpson CEO, son of the British cobbler’s founder, has previously advocated for shorter prison sentences and has been applauded for his schemes to rehabilitate offenders.
The newly-minted peer has also suggested that two-thirds of prisoners did not need to be there, instead backing community sentences which would see more offenders spared jail time.”

Without any evidence, he believes only a third of prisoners should be behind bars. The prisons only have 700 spaces left, so instead of building new prisons, he wants to release them.

Could the new diverse immigrants be filling up the prisons?

All of these communists are alike no matter what country they’re ruining.

He should ask New Yorkers how that pro-criminal approach is working out.

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