New Video & More Details of the J6 Death of Roseanne Boyland


Trump supporter Roseanne Boyland who was last seen alive at the Capitol tunnel on J6 allegedly died of an Adderall overdose. She took the medicine for hyperactivity. However, her sister and her attorney have questions about the medical examiner’s determination.

In a new video, more details are revealed. The report is a summary from The Epoch Times.

She entered with her conservative friend Phillip Anderson. After a couple of minutes, police push the crowd back, and a couple of minutes later, Ms. Boyland falls. Other bodies fall on top of her. Her friend freed himself and said he tried to pull her up but failed.

A man in a blue cap and others beg police to stop pushing back but they continue as bodies fall.

Men who tried to free people were doused with pepper spray.

At the lower right edge, the video shows a Met Police officer repeatedly striking a person at ground level with a baton or walking stick. The DoJ video released last year showed an officer hitting Boyland over and over with a small tree branch or walking stick.

How much of a threat could this woman present?

People screamed that police were trampling Roseanne.

Shortly after, a group of men carried Boyland to a spot on the sidewalk directly in front of the police line at the center of the tunnel entrance.

Other videos show a bystander frantically performing CPR on Boyland, whose lips had turned purple. Another man, wearing body armor with a patch that read “Sheriff” on the front, takes over the CPR for a short time, but is then pulled away from Boyland. Police then grab the apparently deceased woman by the feet and drag her into the Capitol.

“She’s dying! She’s dying!” one man cries out to the line of police. “That’s on you, mother [expletive].”

Her sister Lonna Cave said she noticed on the videos that it wasn’t the police who came to her sister’s aid.

“It doesn’t show the police officers helping my sister whatsoever. The only people who are helping her are the guys who are sitting in jail right now.”

These are the only police that Democrats like.


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