New Woke CIA recruitment ad! Can we now say America’s Left has failed?


The CIA is adopting the extreme and nonsensical language of the hardcore Left in a recruitment ad. Why is the CIA using the language of the radicals who want to destroy the traditional USA? They are supposed to protect our way of life!

The CIA actually put this recruitment ad up. It’s nothing but Woke feminist gibberish. Their new recruit highlighted in the video is perfect for our new Woke society where only immutable or irrelevant characteristics matter:

“I am a woman of color”

“I am a cisgender millennial”

“I have been diagnosed with a generalized anxiety disorder”

“I am intersectional”

Who cares? This is Jerry Springer BS.

As one Twitter user said, “The CIA went from waterboarding terrorists to torturing Americans with shitty woke commercials.”

Former CIA ops, Bryan Wright wrote: The CIA used to be about mission to country. (I speak from experience). Now it’s about demanding — and getting — accommodation to fix an emotional wound or advance a personal agenda. America is less safe with this new CIA, and dangerously more political.


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