New York City Is Destroying Central Park


New York City now has a crime wave in Central Park. It’s customary to see several armed thefts in a day. Because it’s large and dense, it’s hard to monitor. The police arrest these criminals—many are repeat criminals—and they are immediately released from prison thanks to the no-bail law.

All of this is predictable.

The city is finished and it is spreading.

The Crime Has Spread to Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

In Nassau, a company official said Home Depot has increased spending by tens of millions of dollars on technology, security personnel, and other anti-crime measures to combat the increase in theft at its stores.

Sean Browne, senior manager of Asset Protection Investigations at Home Depot in Garden City, said retailers have seen a large increase in organized retail crime in the past few years.

He said it’s not theft for need; it’s theft for greed, and in many cases, it funds ongoing criminal enterprises.

The same thing happens in other stores, including Target, and throughout Suffolk County. The problem is no cash bail.

Useless Gov. Hochul

Gov. Hochul claims she has declared war on shoplifters, but the one thing she could do to stop it almost immediately is to end bail reform.

She set up a smash-and-grab unit in New York State Police but hasn’t changed the core problem. Police have already arrested these people. They are released immediately, and the crime is treated like a traffic violation.

Larceny is up double digits, but she won’t do what she needs to do. Black Lives Matter wouldn’t like it.

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