New Yorker lets us know how Anthony Weiner’s doing, unasked for and unwanted


The New Yorker is trying to resuscitate Anthony Weiner, child sex abuser. In the puff piece by an editorial board member starting the new year off, it began: Not long ago, at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, Anthony Weiner, the former seven-term congressman, mayoral hopeful, registered sex offender, and cameo star of “Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!,” pointed a temperature gun at a guest, grabbed a bright-green hard hat, and stepped onto the factory floor of IceStone. “So, we make countertops here,” Weiner said of the company that he’s been running since May. 

For his part, Weiner pumped himself up as a much-in-demand consultant wearing a suit, sitting in on zoom calls, and helping big companies get bigger.

Real tough interview: The retail politician comes alive in the warehouse. “I still get to scratch that itch,” he said. “But I don’t, like, stand at my desk and give a speech on whatever outrageous thing the Iranians did this week.” What the Iranians were doing hadn’t been a priority for Weiner since the fall of 2017, when he began a twenty-one-month prison sentence for sexting with a minor. Asked about life on the inside, he said, “I wouldn’t recommend it to others.” 


In Congress, Weiner was an exacting boss, known for throwing salads and BlackBerrys. Nowadays, he’s mellowed. “Back then, I always had the sense that I knew how to do my staff’s job better than they were doing it,” Weiner said. “Here, I rely on people who are a lot smarter than I am. It’s a more collaborative environment.”

Quite a hard-hitting interview.

He might as well come back as a Democrat politician. He’d fit right in, and I’m pretty sure we have worse.

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