Graham to fight Bernie on Green New Deal, high taxes, Medicare For All


During the Fox News Channel’s Inauguration coverage on Wednesday, incoming Senate Budget Committee Ranking Member Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said incoming Senate Budget Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders (I-VT) would use the reconciliation process to ‘impose the Green New Deal, higher taxes, and Medicare for all.’

Graham said, “We’re going to have our hands full. I’m going to be the Budget [Ranking Member]. I’m going to be fighting Bernie Sanders as he uses the budget reconciliation process to impose the Green New Deal, higher taxes, and Medicare for all. So, to my Republican colleagues out there, let’s work together. We’re going to have a real challenge on our hands.”

Is that coming as a surprise? It shouldn’t. Bernie is a communist, and the only Democrat to the left of him is Kamala Harris.

All those Republicans who weren’t available to fight with Donald Trump will now fight alone or give up. They are already eager to approve all of Biden’s appointees without a fight, even though it took nearly two years for DJT to get his in place, with some positions never filled and others left as ‘acting’ in their positions.

Most Republicans took a four-year vacation as DJT fought for the very platform they ran on. DJT took on every unionized agency in the bureaucracy that some call the deep state.

The Republicans are now in the minority, and McConnell, looking at six years as a senator, plans to put his own self-interests first. He will allow an unconstitutional removal of President Trump to go forward with his tacit approval. McConnell might even vote for removal.

While McConnell blames Trump for losing the two senate seats, he gives himself no credit for it. McConnell gave $700 billion to foreign governments and special interests and $600 to Americans. That was his role in hurting his own candidates.

Now they can fight the communist platform on their own, but don’t expect too much.


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